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Wade Associates Blog

  • When the weather reaches freezing temperatures, the risk of your pipes freezing and bursting is significant. Below, Auto-Owners Insurance provides... The post Expert QA: How to Keep Pipes From Freezing and How to Fix Them appeared first on Wade Associates LLC .
  • Below, Central Insurance shares 5 top tips that will help you prepare your property for winter weather, keeping your buildings... The post 5 Top Tips for Winter Weather Prep appeared first on Wade Associates LLC .
  • Your business needs liability insurance, but what exactly is liability insurance? Below, Auto-Owners Insurance gives us a quick overview of... The post Quick Easy Overview of Liability Insurance for Business appeared first on Wade Associates LLC .

Brush Creek Blog

  • CYBER SECURITY AWARENESS MONTH PART 1: When is the Last Time You Quantified Your Continued The post When is the Last Time You Quantified Your Cyber Risk? appeared first on bcp tech .
  • At the beginning of February, I had the pleasure of attending the NetDiligence Cyber Conference Continued The post NetDiligence Cyber Conference appeared first on bcp tech .
  • The Monthly Ten – October 2021 The top ten must-reads of the month We like Continued The post The Monthly Ten – October 2021 appeared first on bcp tech .


  • RHSB (Roach Howard Smith Barton) is pleased to announce the promotion of Stacie Rand to Assistant Vice President in the role of Commercial Quality Coordinator. Stacie joined RHSB in 2012 as a commercial lines Account Manager and then was promoted to Senior Account Manager in 2014.  In this new position, Stacie will provide leadership The post Stacie Rand promoted to Assistant Vice President, Commercial Quality Coordinator first appeared on RHSB .
  • Roach Howard Smith Barton (RHSB) is pleased to announce the promotion of Shellie Croy to Vice President of Property and Casualty Operations. She has been with RHSB since 2016 as VP of Personal Client Services. In this new position, Shellie will provide leadership, operational direction, and supervision of the Commercial and Personal Property and The post RHSB promotes Shellie Croy to VP of Property and Casualty Operations first appeared on RHSB .
  • In this 35th anniversary year of the Entrepreneur Of The Year® Awards, RHSB is a proud sponsor of the Southwest program. We celebrate the next class in a long line of creators and disrupters. If you know an entrepreneur with the human spirit of unstoppable ambition, nominate them for the Entrepreneur Of The Year® US Southwest region Award by April 16, 2021. The post Entrepreneur Of The Year Nominations open until April 16, 2021 first appeared on RHSB .

Lawrie Blog

Holmes Murphy Blog

Diversified Blog

  • In fixing what is commonly referred to as the “family glitch,” affordability for family members will be based on the employee’s cost to cover the entire family rather than the cost of employee-only coverage. The post IRS Issues Final Rules for Family Coverage Affordability Determination appeared first on Diversified Insurance .
  • We really enjoyed talking with Todd Bingham, CEO and President of the Utah Manufacturers Association (UMA). The UMA slogan is What Utah Makes, Makes Utah. UMA has been the leading alliance for the manufacturing community in Utah since 1905. It represents over 1200 manufacturing and service providers, big and small, in every inch of Utah.... View Article The post Ask the Expert: Manufacturing appeared first on Diversified Insurance .
  • The world of cybersecurity is rapidly changing. At Diversified, we strive to stay up to date on important issues and one of the ways we do this is through our Ask the Expert series. This time, we are talking with Madison Mooney, who works in Business Development at Coalition, Inc. Coalition focuses on cybersecurity and... View Article The post Ask the Expert: Cyber Security appeared first on Diversified Insurance .


  • Mining operations across Canada have increasingly began operating with a more digital approach to managing operations in order to stay competitive. While technology is helpful to manage industry challenges, the benefits of incorporating technology do come with risks. Working in geographically remote areas, for example, pose a serious challenge to the viability of technological accessibility.
  • Website security is more important than ever. Cyber criminals are constantly looking for improperly secured websites to attack; therefor, it's essential to secure servers and the infrastructure that supports them. A security breach may come with devastating consequences, including loss of revenue, damage to credibility, and loss of customer trust. By securing your website, you protect customers and prospects that may use your website.
  • A well developed safety culture has the most significant impact on accident reduction of any workplace practice. As a result, it should be a top priority for all organizations. A safety culture is a set of shared beliefs, practices, and mindsets within an organization that shape behaviour in a positive way.