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Wade Associates Blog

  • April is distracted driving awareness month. Below, Central Insurance gives us some safety tips that will help prevent distracted driving.... The post Distracted Driving Awareness Month appeared first on Wade Associates LLC .
  • October 4-10 is Fire Prevention Week. Below, Chubb gives us some tips for preventing fires inside and outside your home.... The post How to Prevent Fires, Inside and Outside the Home appeared first on Wade Associates LLC .
  • Below, our Agency President, Cheryl Nabell, shares the lessons she learned from her house fire that occurred almost four years... The post Beauty from Ashes: The Lessons I Learned From My House Fire appeared first on Wade Associates LLC .

Brush Creek Blog


  • Roach Howard Smith Barton (RHSB) is pleased to announce the promotion of Shellie Croy to Vice President of Property and Casualty Operations. She has been with RHSB since 2016 as VP of Personal Client Services. In this new position, Shellie will provide leadership, operational direction, and supervision of the Commercial and Personal Property and The post RHSB promotes Shellie Croy to VP of Property and Casualty Operations first appeared on RHSB .
  • In this 35th anniversary year of the Entrepreneur Of The Year® Awards, RHSB is a proud sponsor of the Southwest program. We celebrate the next class in a long line of creators and disrupters. If you know an entrepreneur with the human spirit of unstoppable ambition, nominate them for the Entrepreneur Of The Year® US Southwest region Award by April 16, 2021. The post Entrepreneur Of The Year Nominations open until April 16, 2021 first appeared on RHSB .
  • The coronavirus pandemic has interrupted many businesses across the country. Employers are beginning to look to the future of employees returning for work. The return to normalcy will not be like flipping a switch, but rather a gradual effort. In preparation for reopening your business and asking employees to come back to work, it is important that your company thoughtfully creates a return to work plan for employees to keep everyone healthy and safe. The post Preparing Employees to Return to Work first appeared on RHSB .

Bolton Blog

Lawrie Blog

  • The Live Well, Work Well newsletter is an employee newsletter that is produced monthly and covers topics like health, wellness, fitness, nutrition, and personal finance. This month’s issue discusses dental [] The post Live Well, Work Well June 2021 appeared first on Lawrie Insurance Group .
  • International Advantage: The Advantage Newsletter was designed by our team of leading professionals who exclusively service the international business sector. Group Benefits Retirement Services Proposed Changes to Federal Recovery [] The post International Advantage: The Advisor Newsletter appeared first on Lawrie Insurance Group .
  • Boating is a favourite pastime for many Canadians. There’s nothing like being on open water, feeling the sunshine and enjoying boat life with a refreshing breeze flowing around. But, before [] The post 12 Essential Boating Safety Tips appeared first on Lawrie Insurance Group .

Keaney Blog

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AHT Blog

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Diversified Blog

  • Trends in funding arrangements for 2021 continue to change. This is because the way employers pay for healthcare is based on a desire to reduce costs. The standard fully insured market is the default employer model, but fewer companies are sticking with the default. Kaiser Family Foundation or KFF produces a report each year that... View Article The post Trends in Benefits Funding for 2021 appeared first on Diversified Insurance Group .
  • Can my local broker work internationally? First things first, you need to ask them. Human Resource Departments all over the country are faced with an ever-expanding footprint of locations. All of these locations have employees that need benefits. Whether that means business travel, international residence, or benefits for local nationals. More and more employers are... View Article The post Can my local broker work internationally? appeared first on Diversified Insurance Group .
  • As we roll into 2021 claims costs are rising at a rate of 3x CPI. Pharmacy costs are a leading cause. It can be confusing navigating prescription drug costs. We have recently seen the most expensive drug ever approved, Zolgensma, at almost $2.2 million a prescription.Zolgensma, is a gene therapy medication used to treat spinal... View Article The post Navigating prescription drug costs appeared first on Diversified Insurance Group .

Plexus Blog


  • The construction site is one of the most hazardous workplaces, and many of the injuries that occur there are caused by these top four hazards: falls, struck-by, caught-in/between and electrocutions. However, preventing accidents caused by these hazards is easy. The safety and health of the workers performing various tasks on a construction site should be a first and foremost concern. Here are some basic safety tips to ensure proper safety considerations to reduce injuries to workers:
  • Owning and operating a retail store can be a fulfilling experience. Years of hard work, risk-taking and financial investments have allowed you to turn your dreams of opening a store of your own into a reality. However, many business owners don’t realize how many exposures they must address to keep their business operating smoothly. Depending on the specific type of store you manage, there are a number of exposures to consider, including risks related to property and merchandise damage, general and product liability, crime and business continuity. The list below provides an overview of these retail industry risks and more—helping you identify potential blind spots in your risk management and insurance programs:
  • Formaldehyde is a colourless, strong-smelling chemical that is commonly used in the manufacturing of building materials and numerous other products. Those products include chemicals, particle board, household products, glues, permanent press fabrics, paper product coatings, fibreboard and plywood. It is also widely used as an industrial fungicide, germicide and disinfectant. Here are some precautions your business can take to protect workers from harm while working with formaldehyde: