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AHT Blog

  • A number of countries are allowing governments and assistance providers to organize charter flights to get people home.
  • Coronavirus Update

    Below I provide my own summary of the provisions of the final “3rd Stimulus Package” that I have focused on in past updates.
  • Coronavirus Update

    I know that you already read a number of news stories about what is being proposed in the “3rd Stimulus Package.” BUT, I wanted to provide you with some of my own thoughts on some of the provisions in this Package that probably will NOT change between now and final enactment.

Wade Associates Blog

  • Insurance Companies Accommodations During Coronavirus Im sure many of you have questions about payment issues these days. Here is a... The post Insurance Companies and Their Payment Accommodations During the Coronavirus Pandemic appeared first on Wade Associates LLC .
  • What restaurants are still serving food during the Coronavirus situation? Thanks to the Lake Norman Chamber of Commerce, we have... The post Covid-19: What Local Restaurants are Still Cooking? appeared first on Wade Associates LLC .
  • Tips for Safer Winter Driving Whether or not well get any crazy winter weather this season, its always good to... The post 10 Essential Tips for Safer Winter Driving appeared first on Wade Associates LLC .

Brush Creek Blog


  • Coronavirus is a lower respiratory infection that is spread person to person from respiratory droplets due to cough or sneezing or by touching a surface that has been infected and then touching your own face.  Sanitizers, washing hands and cleaning surfaces will kill this virus.  If you think you have the virus, please consider the
  • LA Tech's College of Business to hosted 2020 Global Lecture Series featuring David Kohl, SVP, Principal at RHSB Insurance and President of the Dallas Committee on Foreign Relations. Business students learned about the changing geopolitical landscape and its impact on U.S. interests, business, and foreign policy.
  • October 6 12 is National Fire Prevention Week Home Fire Escape Planning and Practice Home fire escape planning and drills are an essential part of fire safety. A home fire escape plan needs to be developed and practiced before a fire strikes. Home fire escape planning should include the following: Drawing a map of

Bolton Blog

Mason & Mason Blog

  • For Immediate Release!

    The post For Immediate Release! appeared first on Mason & Mason Technology Insurance Services, Inc. | California License Number 0A94455 .
  • The escalation of litigation surrounding the Me Too movement has quickly lead to a barrage of lawsuits involving allegations of sexual [] The post Sexual Harassment Allegations, the Me Too Movement and Portfolio Company Derailment appeared first on Mason & Mason Technology Insurance Services, Inc. | California License Number 0A94455 .
  • As a co-founding member of TechAssure, we are so pleased to receive this wonderful recognition! TechAssure Earns Insurance Business Award [] The post TechAssure Named Network of the Year by Insurance Business America appeared first on Mason & Mason Technology Insurance Services, Inc. | California License Number 0A94455 .

Dan Lawrie Blog

  • It is important for you to know that we have been closely monitoring the ongoing nature of events related to the coronavirus (COVID-19). The health and safety of our employees, clients and our community continue to be of utmost importance. Much planning and consideration has been underway and at this time, would like to share some of the protocols and preventative measures that we have implemented to date.  As it relates to our business continuity preparedness, we have been taking a number of pro-active steps to ensure the dedicated teams at the Lawrie Insurance Group are well equipped to handle the ongoing servicing needs of your insurance during this time of uncertainty.   Please know that our business continuity preparedness plan is now in place to allow us to operate and service the needs of clients with as little disruption as possible. This includes...read more
  • Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, has been declared a public health emergency of international concern by the World Health Organization and most firms are not prepared for the potential prolonged impacts on staff welfare, operations, supply chains and the broader economy arising from a globally-spreading infectious disease. Organizations should carefully plan their response to the coronavirus to ensure they are prepared for the potential impact of the outbreak. Planning ahead rather than acting reactively will speed up recovery, cut response and reduce strain on senior management time. We can assist your organization with developing claim management protocols As your trusted resource and partner for Commercial Insurance and Risk Management, We can assist your organization with developing claim management protocols that establish clear roles and responsibilities for personnel inside and outside the organization. or call 1-800-661-1518 A four-step action plan is recommended to...read more
  • Watercraft Insurance

    As winter draws to a close and we put our skis and snowmobiles away for another season, our thoughts turn to summer fun and in between, we use spring to start making plans for the beach or the cottage and fun in the water.  Boat shows abound for those looking to buy their first watercraft or upgrade.  Ads start to appear online or in the paper for used watercraft being offered for sale.  Craft that have been stored for the winter are being readied for their return to the water.  Anglers, sailors, water skiers and swimmers are looking forward to getting back to the water. Whether you are new to watercraft or a seasoned sailor, one of the most important things to remember is insurance for you and your vessel.  Why, you may ask?  No matter how much experience or...read more

Diversified Blog

  • “How might my property policy or business interruption coverage respond to Corona Virus related problems my business is having?” The post COVID-19 Business Interruption Coverage appeared first on Diversified Insurance Group .
  • Keep a team chatroom open. There is nothing more important in a group remote project than casual communication. Not just official emails and work updates, but the ability to sit back and chat.” David Rabin, VP of Global Commercial Marketing, Lenovo Many businesses have heeded the CDC’s advice and are allowing or requiring their employees... View Article The post Remote Workforce Best Practices appeared first on Diversified Insurance Group .
  • Dear Valued Clients and Friends of Diversified, We want to let you know that we are fully committed and well-prepared to meeting your insurance and risk management needs during this trying and unsettling time. Taking care of and serving our two most valued stakeholders – employees and clients – is our sole focus. As such,... View Article The post Diversifieds Commitment During the COVID-19 Crisis appeared first on Diversified Insurance Group .


  • While more than one third of Canada’s working population already participates in remote work, many employees and their managers are working outside of the office for the first time. Despite the flexibility and freedom that remote work is favoured for, this kind of separation can be a challenge for some. Fortunately, with some basic awareness, you can overcome these unique obstacles to help your work from home team survive and thrive.
  • Radon is a colourless, odourless, tasteless, radioactive gas that is formed from the natural radioactive decay of uranium found in many rocks, soils and water. It is a known human carcinogen; in fact, as the second leading cause of lung cancer behind smoking, it presents a serious health risk to those exposed.
  • Got questions about how the current COVID-19 pandemic relates to your commercial insurance? Thanks to the Insurance Bureau of Canada, we’ve got some of the answers to the most pressing questions Canadian business owners are facing.