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AHT Blog

  • COVID-19 Update

    Okay, so you have heard me – and others – talk about the millions of people who lost their job due to the COVID pandemic, resulting in the loss of health coverage through their employer-sponsored plan. Actually, Kaiser released a report estimating that nearly 27 million people lost their employer plan due to the pandemic (note, this includes the employee and their dependents).
  • ACA Exchange Update

    In my opinion, one of the most important measures of ACA Exchange enrollment is NOT the initial enrollment numbers that come out at the end of “open enrollment.” What everyone should REALLY care about is how many of those people who enrolled during “open enrollment” actually paid their premiums for coverage that started Jan. 1st.
  • AHT announced the acquisition of New England based Mason Mason Insurance

Wade Associates Blog

  • With Tropical Storm Isaias, we have the earliest 9th named Atlantic storm on record. It could hit parts of Florida... The post Hurricanes: Plan, prepare, update, repeat appeared first on Wade Associates LLC .
  • Workers compensation is already complex but the COVID-19 crisis created a whole new level of complexity. And with that, comes... The post COVID-19 Workers Comp New Rules appeared first on Wade Associates LLC .
  • How to Pepare for a Tornado: Its hard to think about anything outside of keeping your family safe and healthy... The post How to Prepare for a Tornado appeared first on Wade Associates LLC .

Brush Creek Blog

  • The Monthly Ten August 2020 The top ten must-reads of the month We like Continued The post The Monthly Ten August 2020 appeared first on bcp tech .
  • Breach Reports and Privilege The steps taken immediately following knowledge of a data breach are Continued The post Breach Reports and Privilege appeared first on bcp tech .
  • 7 Companies Selected for the bcp tech Insurtech Accelerator We’re excited to announce the participants Continued The post bcp tech Insurtech Accelerator Cohort Announcement appeared first on bcp tech .


  • The coronavirus pandemic has interrupted many businesses across the country. Employers are beginning to look to the future of employees returning for work. The return to normalcy will not be like flipping a switch, but rather a gradual effort. In preparation for reopening your business and asking employees to come back to work, it is important that your company thoughtfully creates a return to work plan for employees to keep everyone healthy and safe.
  • RHSB executives David Kohl, SVP, Principal speaks to USICOC and Doug Jones, SVP, Principal speaks with CleanLayer about insurance considerations and business interruption during COVID-19
  • Coronavirus is a lower respiratory infection that is spread person to person from respiratory droplets due to cough or sneezing or by touching a surface that has been infected and then touching your own face.  Sanitizers, washing hands and cleaning surfaces will kill this virus.  If you think you have the virus, please consider the

Bolton Blog

Mason & Mason Blog

  • Sips of Information as Businesses Drink from a Firehose Download PDF version HERE. The coronavirus pandemic has rubbed salt in [] The post Considerations for Ds Os- Risk Management in the Time of COVID-19 appeared first on Mason & Mason Technology Insurance Services, Inc. .
  • Sips of Information as Businesses Drink from a Firehose Download PDF version HERE. While it is hard to find anyone [] The post Cyber Threats Risk Management in the Time of COVID-19 appeared first on Mason & Mason Technology Insurance Services, Inc. .
  • The 2019-nCoV pandemic has exposed vulnerabilities in our globalized economy and localized healthcare systems; and is creating massive uncertainty in [] The post General Insurance Considerations for Life Science Organizations Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic appeared first on Mason & Mason Technology Insurance Services, Inc. .

Dan Lawrie Blog

Diversified Blog

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has presented unprecedented challenges to businesses, families, and individuals worldwide. At Diversified Insurance Group (DIG) we are well aware of the challenges business leaders face and want to share some of our resources. Consulting Clients on COVID-19 As business owners, we have had to develop strategies to consult with our clients and... View Article The post COVID-19 Resources from Diversified appeared first on Diversified Insurance Group .
  • 2020 has been a year full of the unexpected, especially when you look at the current insurance market. Insurance firms are learning to adapt in a constantly changing time. The insurance industry remains resilient in what is currently a tumultuous economy. We want to give you an updated current insurance market overview to inform you... View Article The post Current Insurance Market Overview appeared first on Diversified Insurance Group .
  • In this article, we are going to share four easy ways to identify if you need a new insurance broker. First, its important to note that insurance, like any industry, is a relationship business. That means you need to feel comfortable and trust your insurance broker to help you make the best risk management decisions... View Article The post 4 Signs You Need a New Insurance Broker appeared first on Diversified Insurance Group .

Plexus Blog


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  • Commercial General Liability (CGL) insurance is intended to cover damages caused by negligence that has resulted in property damage or bodily injury. CGL policies may also cover defence costs*. It’s important that brokerages have CGL insurance to protect REALTORS® from third-party claims. While some claims may be covered under a sellers’ insurance policy, Realtors may still be involved in a lawsuit if the property owners seek recovery for damages caused by the negligence of the Realtor. In other cases, the seller may not have insurance and the Realtor will be sued directly by the injured party.
  • Given the disruption of routines, it’s understandable that quarantine can be a stressor for many. As we’ve all had to find ways to rearrange our daily lives, many are abandoning their healthier eating habits due to a lack of regular schedule, stress and boredom. While there’s nothing wrong with indulging in comforting or convenient foods every once in a while, it should also be the exception rather than the norm. With refrigerators and endless snacks now always within reach, it may take a bit more self-control and mindfulness than usual to help keep the Quarantine 15 at bay. However, there are still ways you can eat well during this time of social isolation while keeping your sanity too.
  • While the peak of COVID-19 panic purchasing has died down, these stockpiling behaviours inevitably have created supply chain issues for numerous industries, including life sciences. As we make our way through uncharted territory, the global pandemic has highlighted weaknesses in our medical supply chain that poses a danger to public health.